Ilium and Olympos

Author: Dan Simmons
Pages: 752; 912
Language: English
Ilium/Olympos cyclе

There are books with ideas, grandeur and power of imagination that are difficult to be reviewed. Ilium and Olympos by Dan Simmons are exactly that kind of novels, and I can only write that they just blew my mind. Simmons mixes people, places and events united by the mystery of what happened on Earth 1 400 years ago (but in the far away future). The centre of all is the ancient Trojan War as you have never seen before. The Greek gods are equipped with high modern technologies which appear like magic to the ancient people. There are also scholastics, resurrected humans from different times in the history, whose main goal is to report to the Gods the key events in the war. Suddenly the Trojan War turns out in an unexpected way and this is no longer the Iliad you know. You will see some of the famous Greek heroes set off on different journeys.
Нататък Ilium and Olympos