A man called Ove

A man called Ove

When I am writing a review I always try to be objective, because I truly believe that every book has its readers, and even when I am with mixed feeling after I finished it, that doesn’t mean that someone else will not be enjoying it. In the end this is a personal opinion and one can always get if you really like the story or not. But this review is strongly emotional, because A man called Ove is a novel about an ordinary man which in fact is a great man with a big heart. The story reminds us to be humans even in our worst moments. And at least but not last, the book makes me cry and believe me that’s not an easy thing after countless readings.

If for any reason you don’t know who Ove is, let me introduce him. Ove is an obnoxious person, the worst kind. If you happen to be in the queue in the same store, he will irritate you. Furthermore, he is a grumpy old man. You don’t to want him for a neighbour, he will remind you about the rules any time he has a chance. You already don’t like him, but this is a mistake. Ove’s words and Ove’s acts are quite opposite. The more standoffish, scowling and angry he is, the more nobles his acts are.

I will give you some facts about our hero. Ove is a 59 years old widow with a very sad and hard life. That’s why he is angry with the world, especially since his wife Sonja died. Actually Ove doesn’t want to live anymore, but there is no time for suicide. Every time he makes an attempt to kill himself there is someone who intervenes, mainly his new neighbours. And that’s how the story of Ove begins. While I was laughing with Ove’s unmistakable logic, his past began to unravel. And it wasn’t funny anymore. As I was reading I wished to pout like a child and say: “This is not fair!”. How much grief can a person suffer? How much more the destiny will take away from him? Despite everything Ove has remained loyal to his principles, but above all he remained a Human. The kind that will help you in a trouble, just because this is the right thing to do.

Among all bad, banal and usual stuffs, the enormous love between Ove and Sonja shines like a diamond. This is the daily and simple love, which is not packed in a glittering box, but is pure and real. Any woman would be happy to find someone who will love her like Ove. Their relationship is a good way to check your love compass especially in case you tend to like pompous but empty gestures.

You will find between the pages other interesting and vivid characters. One of them is Sonja, because she is one of the rarest people, who can inspire and change others destinies.

All in all, this is a novel, which will make you laugh, cry and certainly will touch your heart. One of the memorable books of the year 2014.

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